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Winners Interview

Winners Interview

On September 5th, the Royal Flush has brilliantly come out at "4-Line Aces And Faces"!

Here, we'd like to introduce the big winner Ken!

Ken is a renowned online casino blogger, so some of you might know about him already.
Also, he is well-known as a Royal Flush hunter, in fact, he has already hit the Royal Flush 6 times up to now within the year! Furthermore, he told us he has shot out the Royal Flush 7 times over the last year! That's just unbelievable!

So we'd love to announce his 7th flashy victory claimed after he declared to us that he will surely make it happen again.

He began playing with a total of $1000 after increasing his deposit ($500) using our No Game Limit Bonus, the promotion we were offering that time.
This time he played the video porker to hunt down the Royal Flush.

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Started off with "Jacks or Better4" wagering $40 on it and after receiving his second bonus, the way this great hunter narrowed down the machines was anything but ordinary!
Finally found his way into "4-Line Aces And Faces" after moving to one after another playing 7 different games & 11 machines through about 700 matches.

After his stubborn attempts with his $100 bet, the victory finally came right before his eyes.
At this point, everything else was set in his hand but Diamond/Q.
Carefully held 4 cards and made his bold bet for the last missing piece desperately praying to God...

Incredible! the long-desired Diamond/Q finally went into his hand!
The massive win of amazing $20,275.00 was achieved! (Line bet amount x 4000)

Even after claiming such an incredible win, he started betting on one of his favorite games "Chinese Kitchen" spending $48 for each spin to meet the bonus requirement.

The time has come on his 16th spin!
The biggest role Turtle brought him $6000 in a single shot!
And his amazing luck didn't even wane after these massive wins and his earnings was steadily grown to the stunning $28,000, the colossal amount that crushed the bonus requirement.

Ken, the great hunter who claimed a massive win of over $28,000 after hitting another Royal Flush and a streak of wins on the slot machines.

Before he started playing the games, he told us that he had been in a slump and it all depends on how well he can do in Dream Casino about whether he can climb out of the slump or not. And he made it happen just as he proclaimed to us that he will achieve his 7th Royal Flush in Dream Casino.
We are so grateful to him for leaving behind such a legendary feat in our casino.

He became one of the greatest players who clearly proved that our casino is true to our name.
We all wish him the best of luck that he rides a big wave of fortune following this massive win.

Below is the winner's interview with Ken!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Q:You took part in our promotion "No Game Limit Bonus" and grabbed $20,275.00 at 4-Line Aces And Faces and $6,000 at Chinese Kitchen, was there any reason for you to decide using the bonus?

A : I was just hoping to hit another Royal Flush. It was pretty much a gamble.

Q:Before you challenged you announced that you will hit another Royal Flush at Dream Casino. Was there something that made you say that?

A : Hmm,there wasn't anything special but my hope was very strong haha.

Q:So far, you have hit Royal Flush many times, would you please share your feelings when you won it this time.

A : I was like Oh! really!? Wow! lol.

Q:Who are you planning to tell this brilliant story?

A : I think I will boast to my casino mates haha.

Q:You have won Royal Flush many times, do you have any tips you can give us?

A : I usually try to hold leaving the possibility for Royal Flush when I don't have enough roles in hand.

Q:You have been a regular patron for Dream Casino, would you please tell us the reasons you choose Dream Casino from among several other options?

A : Remarkable customer support and distinctively generous bonuses.

Q:Lastly, could you give some words for online casino players dreaming of big wins?

A : If you can dream it, you can do it! lol.

Once again, thank you very much for having time for us and congratulation on your massive win Ken!

This time we'd like to introduce the lucky jackpot winner, T.O!

The game that dramatically set off the massive jackpot on July 30th 2015 is “SafeCracker”.

“SafeCracker” is a single-reel slot, popular for its high-frequency jackpots. 

We received a screen shot showing up the breathtaking moment of this victory from T.O, the super hot winner who brilliantly shot down the hugely-grown progressive jackpot.
So let us announce this big news story here!

First he received our end-of-month promotion "All game 100% bonus" to double his deposit of $300 and started off with the above-mentioned game “SafeCracker” tapping into his increased funds of $600.
The only target he aimed for was nothing but the progressive jackpot, overblown to more than $50,000 at that time.

Getting triple dollar bills while betting its maximum bet of $15 means hitting a jackpot in this game.

The game was kicked off with $0.75 bet for the first 25 spins.
And then he increased his bet to $1.5 for another 25 spins.
And additional 152 spins after raising his bet to $3.
Finally, he raised his bet to its maximum amount $15.
On his 48th spin after raising his bet to $15, the stunning triple dollar bills suddenly came out, meaning he became another great jackpot winner.

Moreover, its piled-up amount was stunning $52332.64 in total!! Ultra big win ($15 x 3488)
Congratulations on your glorious triumph!

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