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Terms of bonus, promotion, gameplay

Terms of bonus, promotion, gameplay

Bonus, promotion, campaign etc.
(Hereinafter referred to as promotion) and terms of gameplay

Terms of gameplay regarding promotion and bonuses

We offer bonuses and promotions for both our Dream casino users and new users.
While these bonuses and promotions are our gratitude for customers , please refrain from abuses.

Terms of promotions

  1. When judged as an abuse of promotions, we have authority to refuse and restrict entries to future promotions regardless of situations and promotion types.
    Also, purposes only for the initial bonus and behaviors to increase profits using our promotions for any other purposes than gameplay will be judged as a promotion abuse.
  2. We are authorized to restrict entry qualifications for all customers joining promotion events by our judge and can also limit their number of entry times.
    Participant's information is confirmed and if we detect an entry from the same individual, we have authority to restrict or deny them.
  3. We have authority to cancel, change, and terminate our promotions without informing customers in any case. We are not subject to any loss and issues arisen due to cancellation, changes or termination of our promotions. In all cases, customers are responsible for all losses and issues.
  4. We have authority to investigate log contents, log-on, log-out histories and transactions in all cases. When judged as cheating or sinister activities by our investigation, we have authority to revoke and cancel target user's qualifications for promotions.

Terms of bonuses

  1. In conjunction with the terms and conditions, bonuses are given only once for each of valid accounts. When new accounts are created by the same IP, these accounts get cancelled as well as all bonuses and prizes as each account can only be assigned to a single IP (Per Household) .
  2. We are authorized to change requirements for bonuses in all cases regardless of any reason.
  3. Except for special cases, customers are not able to use bonuses together with promotions.
  4. When a request for withdrawal is made without meeting requirements, all bonuses and prizes become invalid at that point. Also, if withdrawal is made before receiving the initial deposit bonus, customer's rights for receiving bonuses will be cancelled.
  5. Playing games with LRB (Low Risk Bet) when receiving bonuses is judged as cheating, therefore confiscation of bonuses, acquired credits, other funds except for deposited credits and cancellation of rights for acquiring bonuses and promotions or freezing of accounts can be executed.
  6. Upon receiving bonuses, when customers either meet bonus requirements or balance becomes less than $1.00, betting requirements will disappear. Please note that the previous bonus requirements will continue if a new deposit is made without meeting bonus requirements or when there is more than $1.00 casino balance left.

[ About Low Risk Bet ]

※ LRB stands for Low Risk Bet and this is an action such as Opposite Bet for Roulette or intentionally betting the same (or nearly same) amount as other account owners in multi-player games.
LRB basically means the betting method to reduce risks as much as possible.

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