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Comp Points

Comp Points

Build up your comp points and convert them into casino dollars!
Comp points can be withdrawn and used after converting them into casino dollars!

About comp points

Comp point is a system for customers that can be used just like point cards for shops and stores which can be exchanged for cash by building up points.
In our casino, comp points can be converted into casino dollars at any time and converted tips can be withdrawn and used for gameplay without any requirement.

How to get comp points

Regardless of winning or losing, 1 comp point will be added as customers bet $10.

Basically, $1 casino dollar can be converted for 100 comp points.
※ Conversion rate of comp points will be prioritized as VIP level becomes higher.

How to convert comp points to casino dollars


1. Open the cash page from [Casher] on the game screen and refer to the item for comp points at the bottom of the My account page.

The points enclosed in the yellow box are the available points that can be converted into casino dollars.

By clicking on [Convert comp points] in the red box, current available comp points can be converted into casino dollars.

※ As for conversion of comp points, all available points at that point will be converted by clicking on the button.


2. A pop-up screen will be displayed as above and conversion will be completed.

※ In the case of the above screen, [10260] comp points were converted at [95 comp points = 1] , therefore there are 108 casino dollars.


※ For conversion of comp points, it will be displayed as the above screen in the [Transaction History] of the [My Account] page.

Example case from the past....

There was a customer who was playing a slot game with jackpot at $0.5 for each spin after depositing $100.

However, that customer didn't win the jackpot and was about to end the game with $89 left behind.

He was connected to our online chat support so we advised him to convert before logging out and he could convert his comp points into 38 casino dollars.

Yes! the converted $38 was added to his remaining balance ($89) and that customer's balance became $127 in total.

This means that his balance was increased compared to the balance before the gameplay.

At first that customer was a little disappointed that he did not win the jackpot however, he was pretty happy with it.
This is exactly the best part of comp points that can be converted regardless of winning or losing.

Further more!

In our casino, we offer special occasional campaigns that enable customers to get double comp points within a period of time.

Take advantage of our point service and make it work for you well.

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