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First Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

In our casino, you can get our
100% First deposit bonus for your first deposit into our casino.

Percentage/Maximum amount

You can get our 100% bonus ($50-$300) for your deposit of $50-$300.
e.g. if you deposit $300, your bonus becomes $300 and hence you can start off with $600 in total.

Requirement to acquire the bonus

・This first deposit bonus is applicable to your first deposit to our casino.
Please let us know that you wish to use the ""First Deposit Bonus" after you make a $50 deposit or more.  
*Please take note that we don't provide the first deposit bonus if you already started playing our games before your application. 

Excluded games/50% counted games

*The games on the right are the excluded games.
All of Roulette, Baccarat, SicBo, Craps, Pontoon, BlackJack including the live games. 
Additionally, the games with nearly one-half of winning chance are also excluded.

*The games on the right are the games that only count 50% of your betting amount.
All of Video Poker, Casino War, Spin a Win, Pi Gao Poker, Caribbean Poker, Casino Hold'em
e.g. if you bet $10 in a game with 50% counting rate, $5 (%50) is deducted from your wagering requirement instead.

Minimum Wagering Requirement

(Your Deposit + Bonus) x15

Points to note

  • If you received this bonus, each of your bet is restricted to 5% of the bonus amount.
    e.g. if you received $300 bonus, your maximum bet amount you can make is up to $15.
    This is subject to a single bet amount in a game, therefore please be extra careful of such events as Split & Double in BlackJack in which your bet amount fluctuates. 
    If you bet more than 5% of the bonus amount, all of your winnings, bonus, comp points are subject to be taken away. 
  • You are prohibited to use the double-up and gamble features in the games such as video poker and slot games after receiving the bonus.
    If you used these functions, all of your winnings, bonus, comp points are taken away.
  • You can not cash out any of your money until you meet your minimum wagering requirement.
  • If you cash out without meeting your minimum wagering requirement, all of your winnings and bonus are taken away. 
  • If you make another deposit before meeting your existing minimum wagering requirement, your wagering requirement remains and therefore you are not allowed to cash out any of your money until you meet the requirement.
  • This bonus can't be used along with other bonuses.
  • Basically, bonuses are not automatically applied to players excluding the 20% Deposit Bonus, so if you wish to receive bonuses, please contact our customer support team. 
  • When you meet the bonus requirement or your balance falls below $1.00, your wagering requirement disappears. Please note your bonus requirement remains if you make another deposit without meeting your bonus requirement or when you still have $1.00 or more in your balance.
  • We impose heavy punishment on bonus seekers intending to play only for bonus abuse purposes.
  • When we find those bonus abusers, we permanently prohibit and disqualify those players from receiving all of our subsequent bonuses as well as promotions.
  • Please refer to Terms of Bonus and Promotions for other terms and conditions

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