About bonuses

Players who receive bonuses get several requirements in order to cash out.
Here we explain about bonuses in detail.

For players who receive bonuses

Congratulations on your acquisition of the bonus.
There are several requirements to cash out after receiving bonuses.
We describe pros & cons and requirements bonuses have below.


We provide our customers with the bonus as a gift of our appreciation for their first deposit to bump up their funds.
For example, if you deposited $200 to get a 100% bonus, the amount of bonus you receive is $200, meaning you can start off with a total of $400.

The most funds, the more chances!
With your increased funds, you can start off with a great advantage!


Several restrictions are applied to players as they receive bonuses.
There are bonuses with minimum wagering requirements and exceptional games.
*Please refer to the list of the excluded games in the First Deposit Bonus.
There are bonuses requiring players to play the same game until meeting their requirements.
There are bonuses in which you need to play the same game until you meet the requirements.

・Bonus requirement

Each bonus has its requirements until you are able to cash out.
For example, if you receive a 100% bonus with a x10 wagering requirement,
you are required to bet your deposit + bonus x 10 in the games except for the excluded games. Each of your bet is counted regardless of winning or losing.    
If you deposited $200 and it was a 100% bonus, the amount you receive is $200, meaning you can start off with a total of $400. In this case you need to wager (200+200)x10=$4000 in the games other than the excluded games to meet its requirement.
When you meet the requirement you can make a request to withdraw at any time. 

There are some games that only count up 50% of your betting amount. 

  • You can't cash out any of your money unless you meet your minimum wagering requirement.
  • If you cash out without meeting your minimum wagering requirement, all your winnings and bonus amount are subject to be taken away.
  • If you make another deposit before meeting your existing minimum wagering requirement, your wagering requirement remains and therefore you are not allowed to cash out any of your money until you meet the requirement.
  • If you wish to check your remaining wagering requirement, please contact our online support.
  • If you received a bonus and wish to make a request to cash out, please make sure that you already met its requirement.
  • Please let us know if you wish to play the excluded games after you meet bonus requirements.
  • You can use only one bonus at a time.
  • There are some bonuses which don't apply to the above-mentioned requirements.
  • *When you use bonuses, we take it that you fully understand all the requirements, [ terms and conditions of our bonuses ].

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