Withdrawal Policy

In dream casino withdrawal methods can be chosen by customers.

●Duration of processing and the minimum amount for withdrawal of each of payment services are as follows.

Method for withdrawalDuration of processingFees and the minimum amount for withdrawal
D-banc duration of suspension 24 hours ・ duration for processing approximately 12 hours
Duration of processing does not contain Saturday and Sunday.
Example: applications for withdrawal made on Friday will be processed on Monday which is its next business day.
$50 (Fees 2% of payment )
Moneybookers (Skrill)$20

※ Please note that it's not possible to withdraw using 「Master Card」

● About entering account numbers

Even if assigned account numbers are wrong, processing will be carried out.
And even if a receiver of funds becomes a third person, we do not take any responsibility for that case.
Please make sure not to mistype account numbers for withdrawal.

●About money laundering

・ In dream casino, according to the law regarding prevention of relocating profits gained by crimes, when there is a doubt of money laundering, we are able to freeze customer's account without prior notification.

・ In principle, payment is done by the withdrawal method that is compliant with methods in which deposit amount is the biggest.

● Precautions of withdrawal terms

・ From the security perspective, requests for withdrawal to accounts without any deposit history can be cancelled.

・ As for withdrawal, it can only be possible when meeting the minimum bet requirements that are respectively defined by bonuses customers get. If customers do not meet requirements, we are authorized to stop requested withdrawals.

・ There won't be above requirements if customers did not receive bonuses upon deposit however, we may stop withdrawal until customers spend the same amount of credits as the deposited amount regardless of types of games. We apologize for this as this is the means to prevent invalid fund relocation.

・ Also, we process payments according to withdrawal methods chosen by customers however, we may pay with the method we think is the best depending on circumstances. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

・ The maximum limit per month is present month's deposited amount + $10,000. Our casino is operated in Curacao time. There is a 13 hour time difference between Japan and Curacao. 13:00 in Japan is when a date changes in Curacao therefore, deposit amount count per month is as follows.
The first day every month 13:00 (Japan time) ~ the first day the following month 13:00 (Japan time)
For withdrawal, it is counted on the date of withdrawal processing, not on the date of application.
※ As to the payment for amount gained by jackpot does not apply to the above categories.

Please feel free to contact our customer support team in case you have any questions.

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