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Required documents for withdrawal

Required documents for withdrawal

Upon withdrawal in dream casino, please prepare the
required documents listed below.

In dream casino, we require customers to submit necessary documents to complete procedures for deposit and withdrawal.
Please execute processing as follows on the cashier screen.

●Required documents

Valid driver's license as identification
In case there is no home address written on the back of a driver's license or if you wish to submit other forms of identification such as a passport,
we require one of the following documents that we can confirm the current home address within 3 months after its issue.
Utility bill, Payment invoice, Residence certificate.

Please take pictures of the above documents using a digital camera or a camera on a mobile phone and send us pictures via e-mail.


・ Please refrain from creating data using scanners.
・ Please do not edit pictures. Please send them unchanged.

Also, if deposited by credit cards, the following documents are needed.


Name, Expiration date, card number must be confirmed.
You may provide us with the first 6 digit numbers and the last 4 digit numbers amongst the 12 digit numbers.
(Card number ○○○○-○○XX-XXXX-○○○○ (show us only the 「○」 part)


Please make sure to write your signature.
Please make sure that 3 digit CVV numbers are shown.

The completion of submission procedure for the above mentioned documents takes 2 business days at the earliest.

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