Safety of trading

About withdrawal from the account

Dream Casino is managing customer's account balance with cash or goods of the cash corresponding. 
Therefore, 100% full amount of customer's account balance can be drawn out soon after the PIN number is collated.

Collation by PIN number

The collation by the PIN number is necessary for the procedure of all cashout.
Under the audit and security thorough, we send it to responsible for the hand of the visitor whatever drawn out way.

Notes of account establishment

Please register by using the address and the name (Only the name where juridical is admitted . Initial and the abbreviation are improper) for all customers when you establish the account in Dream Casino. 
We will confirm the address correction by the document in the fax and E-mail. 
Please acknowledge that customer's account lets me close when the omission of the name and the confirmation of the false name and the address cannot be taken.

Access to account

To access the account of the dream casino, user ID and the password set when an original computer that used it when the account is established is used, and established are needed without fail. 
Please continue your favors toward the input of the password at every access because customer's password is not memorized in the computer moreover. 

* Security at the computer level is enabled by combining the encrypted file & registration entry. 
Please keep it by the customer strictly so that customer's password might not leak outside.

Confirmation about the account

The detailed statement of the account can be confirmed 24 hours in real time by "Transaction history" among the casino cashiers. 
Moreover, please note that all accounts come to be identified by the account number issued automatically when establishing it, and the change in the account number is not admitted at all.

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